Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos

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Hi :)

My full name is David Ricardo Oliveros Ramos, but my "artistic" name is Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos (that's why you have been redirected here, hehe).

I am M.Sc. in Mathematics (I defended my thesis few months ago at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), but I studied Biology at Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. Nowadays, I am working in my thesis for the degree of Licenciate in Biology (Viability control model for sustainable management of peruvian anchovy). Actually, I am currently working with models for the sustainable management of fisheries at the Oceanographical and Fishery Biological Research Center (CIMOBP) of the Peruvian Marine Research Institute (IMARPE), including ecological and socioeconomical constraints and using control theory (viability theory). I will begin working with environmental stochasticity in order to model the effect of El Niño event (ENSO) in the Humboldt Current ecosystem. I am interested in study ecological complex systems and the effect of human being over it.

I hope to see you at CSSS.


The Science, my principal hobbie and my principal activity (lucky me!). I am especially interested in theoretical and mathematical ecology. I like to swim, and dance (especially "salsa"). Also, I am a huge fan of Isaac Asimov. By accident, I have a B.A degree in philosophy (long story...). I like science fiction (almost exclusively), but I want to start to read (and watch) horror.