Reinventing the Grid: Designing Resilient, Adaptive and Creative Power Systems - Agenda

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Santa Fe Institute Workshop: “Reinventing the Grid: Designing Resilient, Adaptive and Creative Power Systems”

Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe NM 13-17 April, 2015

Sunday, 12 April

6:00 pm: Welcome reception, Hotel Santa Fe

Monday, 13 April

8:30: Breakfast

9:00: Workshop welcome – Seth Blumsack and Paul Hines

9:15: Overview of SFI – Cris Moore

9:30: Overview of power systems analysis – Paul Hines

10:15: “Planning the future grid” – Feng Zhao, ISO New England

10:45: Break

11:00: “Comments on cost, reliability, and data-driven resilience to cascading” – Ian Dobson, Iowa State University

“Centralized versus decentralized infrastructure design,” Markus Schlapfer, Santa Fe Institute

Is there a role for stylized networks?” – Raissa D’Souza, UC Davis

12:15: Lunch

2:00: “Flipping the switch: ecological perspectives on resilience” – Erica Smithwick, Penn State

3:00: Discussion

4:00: “Democratizing the making of things” - John Cohn, IBM Research

5:00: Conclude first day

Tuesday, 14 April

8:30: Breakfast

9:00: “Resilience, Water Quality, Efficiency” – James Shortle, Penn State

Is there a good way to think about climate uncertainty for infrastructure systems?” – Royce Francis, George Washington University

Wide motifs: an additional tool to understand power grids” – Pierre-Andre Noel, UC Davis

10:45: Break

11:00: "Modeling power-grid synchronization dynamics" – Takashi Nishikawa, Northwestern University

“Fast Security and Stability Assessment” – Kostya Turitsyn, MIT

“Power grids: integrating approaches from micro to macro scale” – Jason Veneman, MITRE Corporation

12:00: Lunch

1:30: "Optimal resilient distribution grid design using a 3-phase unbalanced AC power flow" – Harsha Nagarajan, Los Alamos National Laboratory

"The topology of cities" – Christa Breslford, Santa Fe Institute

“The myth of the objective” – Ken Stanley, University of Central Florida

2:45: Break

3:00: Discussion

4:30: Conclude second day

6:30: Workshop dinner (location TBD)

Wednesday, 15 April

8:30: Breakfast

9:00: “Implementation in the real world” – Elizabeth Wilson, University of Minnesota

“The wall of renewals in electric transmission grid: how complex systems modeling and simulation can help” – Michel Morovan, The CoSMo Company

“Smart power grids as socio-technical systems” - Leonardo Duenas-Osario, Rice University