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Thanks to all of you who have submitted reading materials for the workshop. Each of the links below will take you to a PDF document that might provide you with valuable background information for the talk by the person under whom it is listed. These readings are obviously not required, but having a brief look at them might allow us to establish a common vocabulary more easily, making our discussions ultimately more productive.

Keep checking back here. We will post more readings as the workshop participants provide them.

Dave Ackley:

Code Factoring and the Evolution of Evolvability

Athena Aktipis:

Assortment in Space and Time: A Framework for the Evolution of Cooperation and Movement

Lera Boroditsky:

What Thoughts are Made of

Lila Chrysikou:

Following the Wrong Footsteps: Fixation Effects of Pictorial Examples in a Design Problem-Solving Task

When Shoes Become Hammers: Goal-Derived Categorization Training Enhances Problem-Solving Performance

April Cognato:

Gene Co-Option in Physiological and Morphological Evolution

Conformational Diversity and Protein Evolution -- a 60-year-old Hypothesis Revisited

Gene Cooption without Duplication During the Evolution of a Male-Pregnancy Gene in Pipefish

Robert Friedel:

Unfortunately, Robert was unable to make it to the workshop, but he and his colleague, Michael Schiffer, have very kindly provided some of their thoughts here:

Some Comments About Technology and "Repurposing" from a Historian and an Anthropologist

Scott Klemmer:

Can Presenting Examples Improve Designers' Work? Creating Better Interfaces Through Adaptive Display

Joram Piatigorsky:

The Recruitment of Crystallins: New Functions Precede Gene Duplications

Lens Crystallins: Innovations Associated with Changes in Gene Regulation

Assembly of the Cnidarian Camera-Type Eye from Vertebrate-Like Components

Victor Seidel:

Crafting Interpretation in Ambiguous Contexts: Conceptual Modularity and the Evolution of Novel Product Concepts

The Interaction of Design Hierarchies and Market Concepts in Technological Evolution

Jon Wilkins:

What good is genomic imprinting? The function of parent-specific gene expression

Genomic imprinting and methylation: epigenetic canalization and conflict

Competitive signal discrimination, methylation reprogramming and genomic imprinting