Peter Klimek

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Hi everybody!

My name is Peter Klimek and I'm a PhD student in theoretical physics, working at the Complex Systems Research Group in Vienna, Austria. Technical information on me is found here.


My research interests lie in the field of complex systems (duh), especially in striving for establishing an analytical framework to treat systems subject to evolution. To keep it short and simple, we know much about microscopic interactions between, say, particles of an ideal or van der Waals gas and understand by statistical means how macroscopic phenomena like temperature or changes of aggregate phases are constituted by them. Our research question is, in a nutshell, if and how we can formulate a similar framework for systems composed of agents exchanging goods or beliefs (i.e. production or social networks) or interacting species with the ultimate goal to give physical meaning to phenomenological and anthropocentric terms like 'selection' or 'fitness' and so on. If you are really interested in this stuff you can click here. Prior to that I worked in the field of theoretical quantum information.


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I'm living and working in Vienna, the capital of Austria. This is a small country in Middle Europe (population about three quarters of Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro) maybe most famous for being the birthplace of classical music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and five-time Mr. Universum, seven-time Mr. Olympia, now Californian Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger (it's not that we are that proud of the latter). My personal interests include shooting and editing (movies, not animals), going to alternative rock concerts and hanging around with friends and having some beers, at best after playing while watching football.

I'm really looking forward to escape continental European winter and enjoy two stimulating weeks with you in Bariloche. Also, I'm planning to append one week or so to my stay in Southern America in order to learn to know the countryside. I would be extremely grateful for any recommendations concerning this (where to go, what to see...).