Paula Fergnani

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Hi everyone!

I’m a biology Phd student from the Universidad de Buenos Aires currently working in Ecotono, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, in Bariloche. I live in a beautiful neighborhood, “Los Coihues”, which is located near the cost of Gutierrez Lake.

Interests in Science

My main interests concern the areas of macroecology-biogeography and theoretical biology. I'm interested in patterns of distribution and diversity of animal species at different temporal and spatial scales. This also involves how different variables of diversity interact with one another and with climate to produce the complex patterns of biodiversity that we observe in present times.

Phd research

For my Phd I'm studying patterns of diversity in American mammals at a continental scale, using data from bibliography. In particular, I'm focusing on species richness and other components of species diversity: evolutionary history (phylogenetic diversity) and ecological diversity. So far, I have already built the database of edentates and primates.

I’m very excited about attending this school and having the chance of learning as much as I can. I believe that my research could improve considerably with a multidisciplinary approach.


Here you can see me and my grandfather’s motorcycle at the Gutierrez lake

I enjoy:

  • Reading books (mostly novels) and comics
  • Listening to rock and roll music
  • Bird watching and trekking

See you soon!