Neal McCollom

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My name is Neal McCollom and I have been at Lockheed Martin for 25+ years. My most recent experiences have been with the Joint Strike Fighter and Prognostics and Health Management of the F-35. My interests are in Sustainment of the aircraft and examining, tracking, analyzing, and controlling life cycle costs. My work mainly now is with Independent Research and Development projects (IRAD) which are looking at producing prognostic algorithms from aircraft data and bringing information from multiple systems together to support Sustaining Engineering. I look forward to the course and interacting with both fellow students and the faculty. This should provide an excellent ‘exercise’ for my mind!


Dr. Neal N. McCollom, PE Specialty: Sustainment Engineering

Current assignment

  • IRAD Project Manager, Sustainment Engineering Core


  • Leading the Health Management Framework IRAD which is defining the architecture and support structure for Sustaining Engineers for troubleshooting and prognostic algorithm development. Continuing the effort to provide feedback to design from Sustainment to promote designs which are more supportable in the field. Defining where sharing lightweight, configuration managed models support both internal and external products.
  • Directed the Design for Sustainment IRAD which is providing sustainment feedback to the design function in order to perform better under Performance Based Logistics contracts. Creating two courses for engineers to familiarize them with design for sustainment concepts and the impact design has on PBL contracts and company profits.
  • Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Integrator for F-35 Autonomic Logistics Global Sustainment. Horizontal integration between the Air Vehicle and the ALGS PHM developments. Managed and/or contributed to several successful JSF Award Fee efforts related to PHM.
  • Author of several refereed papers and external presentations for professional societies on Prognostics and Health Management and Sustainment Engineering.
  • Development Integrity Review – 2 for the JSF Program. Knowledge of ALGS and AV PHM for Product Integrity subgroup of DIR-2.
  • Prognostics and Health Management INAR – Expertise in both ALGS and AV PHM for an internal review with C5, F22 and C130 program representatives.
  • IS&T Manager for development and support of Engineering Design processes and tools.

Technical Community Service

  • Adjunct Faculty Member, University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Member, Industrial Advisory Board, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Chair, Industrial Advisory Board, Industrial Engineering & Management, Oklahoma State University. Interactions with Students and Faculty. Assisted the department in preparing for the ABET accreditation.
  • Industrial Fellow, Faculty Associate, Automation and Robotics Research Institute. Provided internal programmatic review and relevance assessment from an Aerospace perspective.
  • Company Representative, Program for Automation in Manufacturing, Texas A&M University. Provided input and project requirements for student/company cooperative projects.
  • Participate in Lockheed Martin’s ‘Engineer in the Classroom’ for grade school through high school students.
  • Participate in the Professional Engineers ‘MathCounts’ as a judge for middle school math competitions.
  • Numerous presentations and papers for technical publications and conferences (IEEE, IIE, SME, RMS Partnership, SAE).


  • BS, Industrial Engineering and Management, Oklahoma State University
  • MIE, Industrial Engineering and Management, Oklahoma State University
  • PhD, Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University