Na Zhang

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Hi, I am Na Zhang a senior at the department of mathematical sciences of Peking University. I am a nature-lover and an experienced bird watcher. I would get my degree of B.S. this July and start my PH.D career in mathematical biology at Arizona State University.

My research interest by now is focused on theoretical ecology. This field is still new and embracing many mathematically challenging problems. Adaptive dynamics is one of the branches I have started to explore into, it's an attempt to build a research frame work to model the complex dynamics we found ubiquitous in natural systems. I also took a grear interest in culture evolution.

It's one of the most great times in the history of mathematics as it has invaded so many research fields, even educational sciences and social sciences. I am also trying to model the processes of group study. Does anyone have some interests on this topic?

Anyway, I am so glad to find I am going to be with so many wonderful people and I can not wait to see you all.

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Na Zhang --Darkingwing 06:31, 7 June 2008 (MDT)