Miles Townes

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What are your main interests?: I study political science, specifically international relations, more specifically conflict and war.

What sort of expertise can you bring to the group?: Political and social science expertise, for whatever that is worth. I am reasonably competent with statistical methods, but have minimal training in higher math or computer programming. I am a superstar at Powerpoint and similar presentation software.

What do you hope to get out of the CSSS?: I have taken some basic courses in complexity and computational social science, focused on political science. I want a more intensive and interdisciplinary understanding of the field, especially the mathematical foundations.

Do you have any possible projects in mind for the CSSS?: I am working on power-law analysis of conflict data, which I plan to extend with network analysis techniques. I don't know that I'll work on this project during the CSSS, but it is background for my interests and intent.

You can learn more about me at [1] .