Michael Makowsky

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I am currently a Ph.D. student in economics at George Mason University. My research to date has centered on exploring various topics with multi-agent modeling, including crime, health norms, group formation, and religious regionalism. I do more traditional applied micro work in public finance, but my major field of interest is religion and group dynamics.

My undergraduate degree was in biology and economics, and while I have forgotten more than I remember, I am still fascinated by biology and evolutionary theory, and look forward to interacting with so many of you who are working in these fields, as well as the other natural sciences. We are going to make for an interesting mix!

Oh, as noted by a few others, I am hoping to catch as many of the World Cup games as possible. I can only assume that one of you has managed to pack a satellite dish and 50 inch plasma tv somewhere next to your shirts and socks.

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