Matteo Gagliolo

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I am a postdoc researcher at the CoMo lab (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

I am currently working at applying Reinforcement Learning in a single and multi-agent setting, in the context of the LeCoPro project.

My PhD thesis was about metalearning, in particular on algorithm portfolios, and was defended last year at IDSIA.

My current main interests are related to multi-agent learning, reinforcement learning, social vs. individual learning, evolutionary game theory.

I am also interested in social sciences and ethology, especially of "socially intelligent" animals (e.g. ants).

My background also includes information theory, kolmogorov complexity, bandit problems, and survival analysis,

I use citeulike to organize my bibliography.

My address is mgagliol at vub dot ac dot be.

More info on my home page.