Martin Hilbert

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some things about me


I pursue a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the role of information, communication and knowledge in society. I'm particularly interested in the implications of and requisites for the digitization of information in complex social systems. Topic-wise that can cover the fields of communication, economic development, political science, public policy, forecasting and social change in general.

Before joining USC, I was working at the United Nations Regional Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean for ten years, where I created and coordinated the Information Society Program, which basically looks at how information and communication technologies can be used for development. The work at this UN Regional Commission is similar to the work of a consultancy company, just that your clients are not businesses, but the governments of the region. During this time I had the chance to provide hands-on technical assistance to Heads of States, government officials, legislators, diplomats, and civil society organizations in 27 countries. Exciting times, but as a result of this intense experience I realized how much the related discussion could benefit from a more solid theoretical and empirical grounding. So I took a temporary sabbatical from my responsibilities with the UN and joined USC Annenberg School of Communication in search for analytical frameworks and contributions to this challenge. The same challenge brings me now here to the Santa Fe Institute... I have a doctor in Economics and Social Sciences from Germany, and are right now doing a second PhD at USC in Communications (as a social science), same-same...

You can find more about me and my work at my website: