Manuel Beltran Del Rio

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Hi everyone, I'm a physics graduate student at Mexico's National Autonomous University. During my undergraduate courses I focused on mathematics, analysis mainly, but I soon detoured towards Complex Systems and thus I now find myself doing a little of everything, namely statistical physics, quantum statistics, chaotic dynamics, rank-size dynamics, random adsorption problems, genetic and symbolic sequences, and even some distribution laws in music and languages. I am an amateur biophysicist and expect to cultivate this field during CSSS, because the problems arising in biology are by themselves beautifull and because it's the most direct way in wich I can contribute my work to practical benefit of mankind (not that it's such a huge contribution anyway! :) ), especially if related to medical issues. I am also recently very concerned about the ease with wich people dismiss other's dire problems as foreign and secondary, with no global species or brotherly consciousness. And the same ease with wich they resort to blind violence and cinical interventions (military, political) to impose stingy and penurious paradigms. An interdisciplinary aproach on that problem could be very interesting! Outside the Academic world I spend much of my time with friends and playing and hearing music, mostly classical (Long live Bach,Beethoven and Brahms!!), wich has been a lifelong love and has inspired some light-minded research too. Other miscelaneous activities are books (novels, history, classics...), video games (computer simulations), swimming, good food, traveling, photo. I abhor publicity and the military (thou military engineering is quite interesting!).

Concerning Dave Feldman's questions

(Feldman's SF Wiki page):

1-If there is something I am used to is chaotic dynamics and statistical mechanics. 2-What do I want to learn at CSSS? ...Biophysics, but I'm sure I'll be surprised and will wind up working at something else. 3-I'm aching to participate in medical oriented research problems, the interdisciplinary aproach there is fundamental. 4-I think ideas will pop automatically as interaction is given in the school...hopefully! 5-100 years from now I would ask scientist about science's hottest topics (in fact I would at most use two of my three questions on scientist, but alas, that is not the point!): a) Gravity, Cosmology and origin of the Universe: Any news?('cause I believe there soon will be!) b) Origin of life: Panspermia?, anything at all? c) Concerning REAL problems: Any tips on curing Cancer?, Anything on a new peacefull social order?, Are policies of sustainability and cooperation being enforced on rich countries?, Is the world still under a monopolar economic-military interventionist influence?.