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Cooperation in the Commons

Dear Participants:

Below please find final instructions for the meeting in Bogota.

Airport arrival

There will someone at the international gates exit waiting for everyone, with signs.

After you pick up your luggage and pass customs, exit the gates and you will be greeted by a mass of people. Do not leave the fences to the street until you see the sign with your name and event signals (Workshop Universidad de Los Andes or something like it). If for some reason you cant find anyone, get lost, or arrive in a different flight from the one we have, turn to your right within those fences and go to a taxi service window where you will give the hotel name and address (below), and they should issue a ticket with the address. The ride should take about 30-45 minutes depending on traffic. The ride should be around US$10-12.

Do not take a taxi in the street outside of the airport, only these waiting in line and taking these tickets from the authorized taxi service. Again, this is only if you have missed the connection with your assigned airport pick-up.

Hotel Pavillon Royal
K 11A No. 93B-50
Tel. +57-1-622-7011
Fax. +57-1-257-4996 (follow the "Pavillon" link)

Wednesday evening

5 p.m. Public lecture by Sam Bowles
"Equality's Fate: Toward a Natural History"
Universidad de Los Andes
Carrera 1 No. 18A-70
Entrada de Ingenieria (entrance)
Auditorio Lleras

Everyone is welcome to attend this lecture but if you are arriving later than this, please settle into the hotel and dine on your own. The hotel lobby will to have a list of restaurants in the park where the hotel is located. This is a very nice park full of night life for everyone to walk and check different restaurants.

Thursday morning

There will be a van for everyone from the hotel at 8:15 a.m. to the campus entrance.

In case you miss the van, the hotel can arrange a taxi for you and you will ask to be taken to:
Universidad de Los Andes
Carrera 1 No. 18A-70
Entrada de Ingenieria (entrance)

The workshop will be held at the following place:
Hemiciclo 102

Thursday evening

Very important: we are organizing a dinner on thursday night at a very special place, please don't plan on other arrangements for thursday evening. we will pick you up at the hotel around 7-7:30 and take you to the restaurant and back to the hotel afterwards.

In case of problems or delays please call:

Juan Camilo Cardenas
office number: +315 339-4949 ext. 2467 (emilsen is our secretary on this extension)

Shannon Larsen
cell number +1-505-570-0951

Stacey Lydon
office number: +1-505-946-2746