Leonida Gheorghiade

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That is me with my little one.

Who am I?

I am a Ph.D. student in Applied Mathematics at University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, in my second year. My basic background is coming also from Math, i.e. a Bs.C. is in pure Mathematics and little variation with a Master in Computer Science. I am guided by not only my adviser, but also a mentor, Dr. Monica Cojocaru.


My research focuses mainly on studying the emergent behavior versus continuous time dynamics on several classes of models. The models are based on individual behavior in various contexts: financial markets, environmental markets, and dynamic games. Hope to achieve an array of computational methods to solve in particular generalized Nash games applied to different settings. First goal is the implementation and extension of two economic models through ABM. Using an economic model from previously extended through ABM, and later on through PDE, I plan to investigate the consumer’s adoption of eco-friendly products over a limited period of time over a characteristic space of n > 2. Another goal of my work is to build and implement such that to offer an ABM based solution to two classes of variational inequalities (VI), namely evolutionary variational inequalities (EVI) and differential variational inequalities (DVI).

What do I want to learn from CSSS?

First I need to polish some background, then be inspired by new ideas, and get in touch with the community.