Leif Karlstrom

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Leif Karlstrom

I'm a 4th year PhD student in Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley. I went to high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and went to the University of Oregon for my undergrad, where I completed degrees in Physics, Math and Violin Performance.

Email: leif AT berkeley DOT edu

Website: here

Research Interests

I am interested in the fluid dynamics of geophysical processes. I've done some work on the dynamics of volcanic plumbing, spacing of volcanoes on Earth and Mars, meandering of supraglacial melt water streams, pattern formation on Travertine mound springs (Mammoth Hot Springs is a good example). I'm mostly interested in theory, but I also do lab experiments and field work. I like math.

Other Interests

I play and teach bluegrass and jazz violin around the Bay Area. I like rock climbing and floating down rivers. I enjoy green chiles.


Fluid and solid mechanics. Nonlinear dynamics. Geology, particularly landscape evolution, volcanology and glaciology. Programming in Fortran, Matlab, Mathematica.

What I hope to get out of CSSS

I would like to learn new techniques to approach multi-scale, multi-component, multi-physics problems. I enjoy meeting people who think about neat problems, and enjoy the challenge of jumping into a new field at a high level. I would like to continue my study of nonlinear dynamics and learn more about networks. I also look forward to spending some time in my home state.

Possible Projects

One of the main reasons I am interested in CSSS is to think about ways to model the evolution of volcanic eruptive cycles, extreme events in the geologic record; a problem in which roughly 10 orders of magnitude in both space and time are important. More on this later perhaps.