Lars Hubatsch

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016


Lars Hubatsch, The Francis Crick Institute

Originally trained as a physicist, I am now working on biological pattern formation at the Francis Crick Institute in London, UK, for my PhD. In our lab we focus on the PAR protein network, which can set up an axis within a single cell, thus deciding where the cell has its front and rear ends. This requires going back and forth between live imaging of cell polarity proteins and trying to explain the behaviour we see via mathematical modelling. I spend a lot of time on experiments and quantification, and a little less time thinking about the theoretical aspects of pattern forming protein networks. Therefore, CSSS seemed like a good breakout to come away with a deeper understanding of (emergent) network behaviour. When I am not thinking about front and rear ends, I really enjoy sports (in particular rock climbing and outdoorsy stuff), which I try to combine with travelling (often to some of the coolest climbing crags, definitely taking my climbing shoes to Santa Fe!).