Julia Adams

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016


Julia N. Adams: (University of California, Riverside; UCR & Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute; STRI)

My research seeks to characterize, quantify, and understand the structure and dynamics of ecological networks in order to better understand the mechanisms that generate and maintain biological diversity in ecosystems. I am presently interested in understanding the role of evolutionary ecology - with particular emphasis on coevolutionary processes - in structuring networks in the following model systems: lichen symbioses, plant-fungal endophyte networks, plant-fungal pathogen networks, plant-mycorrhizal networks & insect-plant interactions. I hope to take a multi-pronged approach, including tools from complex systems science, to gain a better understanding of how different interaction types (ranging from mutualism to antagonism) - in conjunction with the environment - affect rates of spatio-temporal speciation, and evolutionary diversification on both micro and macro-evolutionary scales.