Jing Wang

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My parents name me Jing Wang though I have some other names. Usually, my friends call me Alex and I have another pretty cool name, Justicehunter (NOT Just Ice Hunter !!!)

Right now, I am studying at Dept. of Sociology, Graduate School, Tsinghua University. The reason I wanna study sociology is that I wanna understand what I am going through and sociology offers me a really open, holistic, reflective, critical and logical perspective or dicipline (Love is blind!).

These days, I am pretty interested in how collaboration (then discipline) within the academia is possible or happened and the dynamics of epistemic communities. I have been studying the mechanism of dynamics of knowledge creation of Evidence Based Medicine Researches, 1994-2007.

Besides the above, I have a lot of interests: music, sports especially.

Be my friends if u want (in most cases, I want:) MSN: