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Ideas for Innovation Project

Please list here your individual ideas for what we might like to work on. At the moment Charlie Brummitt, Gareth Haslam, Daniel Wu, Nicolas Goudemand, Andres Gomez-Lievano, and Jienfang Xu have all expressed an interest. If there is anyone I have missed please let me (GH) know. Everything is still open at the moment so I think we agreed that each person should try and form a research question and then a few details about idea, methods etc. (keep it short). Please use this page to post comments, papers, and other thoughts. Also, please list any particular skills/assets you may have (existing data, software familiarity, programming, game design, graphic design, network construction etc.).

Patent data

NBER has useful patent data in CVS ASCII format. I (Charlie) just loaded it into Mathematica and plotted the # patents over time File:Patents-over-time.pdf and # patents per captia over time File:Patents-per-capita.pdf. The latter is roughly constant and might grow somewhat linearly after 1980.

From Andres:

Apparently, wiki doesn't allow to upload csv files... Do you know a way to upload it somewhere (so we don't have to be sending files by email all the time)?

From Jianfeng Xu:

data from Hyejin Youn:

This is the occupation and its ability:

Turns out that this website also have the mapping from occupation to business types (or industry) at certain level.

some data may be still useful at Bela Nagy's website:

from dan

exploring sociotechnical transitions into more environmentally sustainable products [1] (from Andres: I included the external link. Dan had the address without it)

Idea 1