Huang Cao

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Hi, everyone! I am Huang Cao, a PHD candidate from University of Science and Technology of China.

Hope for a great experence with you all!

1. What topics do you have some expertise in and would you be willing to help others learn them?

My research experience mainly focuses on microwave technology, which field, I’m afraid, is not interesting for most CSSS06’s participants. Recently, I just started a research on dynamic network, specifically wireless sensor network. How to network and route is a big problem for this kind of network. But I can’t say I have much experience and knowledge to share, and I hope to communicate with those from related fields. Additionally, if there is anyone who ever explored and have some thoughts on the difference between western and eastern philosophy, I’d like to communicate with you privately.

2. What do you want to learn at the CSSS?

First of all, I want to understand the views of ‘complexity’ and ‘complex system’ from different disciplines more deeply. Also, several mathematic tools for analysis on network and system modeling methods such as genetic algorithm are much expected.

3. Do you have any projects or research interests that would benefit from an interdisciplinary approach?

4. Do you have any ideas for what sort of project you would like to do this summer?

I will answer the above two questions together.

As to the project, I am very broad-minded, and I prefer to join a project on a different field from mine. For example, how some kind of social organization does evolve is a good topic. And the topic like "A critique of complex systems, in the framework of Kant's critical philosophy" from the past Santa Fe summer schools is also possible for me.

5. Suppose you could travel one-hundred years in the future and ask researchers any three questions. What would those questions be?

Is the drive for life similar to that for self-organization? If not, what is the difference?

Is financial market predictable?

Is the world peace possible? Are the different cultures flourishing together?