Healthcare Modeling, Multi-scale Challenges and Methods

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Held at MITRE Headquarters, 7525 Colshire Dr., MITRE 1, Rm 1H300, McLean, VA 22102

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Healthcare Modeling, Multi-scale Challenges and Methods

Co-organizers: Matt Koehler, MITRE, Ken Hoffman, MITRE, and Chris Wood, Santa Fe Institute

Summary: This SFI Business Network meeting will focus on the challenges of analyzing the US healthcare system across multiple scales. The scales of healthcare include, inter alia, biological, individual, social, organizational, system, and national. Agency policies and programs, and responses of healthcare organizations, have effects at different scales, and changes at one scale often propagate through the system at other scales. These cascading effects may or may not be compatible with the underlying motivation of the original change(s). Policy makers and researchers alike need tools and techniques to help understand the impact of changes to accessibility, outcomes, and costs in the complex healthcare system. This Business Network meeting will focus on data, models, and techniques that are currently available and emerging to

  • Highlight gaps that should be filled
  • Identify opportunities to advance the state of the art with new methods including hybrid, multi-scale approaches
  • Initiate a community of interest around healthcare data-analytics