Haiping Yin

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Haiping YIN. I am now a year 3 PhD student in Department of Physics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Before I went to CUHK, I received my undergraduate education in the University of Science and Technology of China.

My research interest are mainly in two areas: Complex System (game theory, N person Snowdrift game, group formation etc) and Optical Properties of Nano-scale Gratings.

Besides my research, I am also interested in linguistics, especially the study on Chinese dialects.

About the questions by Dr. Feldman:

1. What topics do you have some expertise in and would you be willing to help others learn them?

I have being working on evolutionary Prisoner's Delimma and Snowdrift games. A multi-person snowdrift game was also purposed by my group. Besides the game theory, I have been thinking about group formation (friendship) and language evolution.

2. What do you want to learn at the CSSS?

Learn from the teachers and classmates, know more areas.

3. Do you have any projects or research interests that would benefit from an interdisciplinary approach? Yes.

4. Do you have any ideas for what sort of project you would like to do work on with other CSSS students this summer? May be some evolutionary stuff. Especially when related to human behavior, language etc.

5. Suppose you could travel one-hundred years in the future and ask researchers any three questions. What would those questions be?

 1. Quantum Mechanics still hold?
 2. Can we explain the origin and the evolution of life?
 3. Any new mathematics to deal with nonlinear stuff? 

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