Gregory Jones

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Gregory Jones

I am on the faculty of law at Georgia State University, Director of Research at the Interuniversity Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, and founding director of the CNCR's Computational Laboratory for Complex Adaptive Systems. In recent years, I have been fortunate to be a regular visitor at the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn, Germany and a visiting professor of statistics at the University of Georgia. I have degrees in philosophy, decision sciences, information systems, public policy and law.

I am interested in collective action problems of all sorts and my work generally involves the application of evolutionary game theory, experimental economics, and behavioral psychology to negotiation and conflict resolution. I am also interested in the extent to which social network architecture may be used as a predictor for pro-social behavior. My current research investigates trust, reputation, forgiveness, and emergent conflict and cooperation in computational simulation models and explores the nexus between conflict resolution theory and the biological basis for social organization.