General Patterns of Migrations

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Patterns of Migrations

The purpose of the workshop is to catalyze a fresh look at the question of understanding of human migrations. With this workshop, we wish to begin a cross-disciplinary conversation on the approaches to study historically known and prehistoric migrations. We also plan to discuss how to conduct a large scale study of migrations (topics to address, possible participants, sources of funding, etc.). About 20 scholars from various fields (archaeology, genetics, cultural anthropology and linguistics) are invited. To make our workshop more productive, we will expect the participants to submit their papers to Ilia Peiros ( This will allow us to concentrate on discussion and sharing our views.

Migrations are, and always have been, essential features of human lifestyle. Through migrations, prehistoric humans populated the world. Many ancient civilizations were created and modified through migrations. Numerous migrations of later periods gave rise to the modern ethnic map of the world. Multiple migrations during the last century have drastically changed the ideology, economy and politics of the modern world.