GSSS 2016-Projects & Working Groups

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GSSS 2016


Here are some topics we proposed today, and Te (I) categorized into three themes. Since I missed or misunderstood some of your points, please feel free to add or edit the topics, and please put your name at the end so we can keep track of the ideas.

Policy & Market

Regulation and market

What is the best urban land use strategy? (Te)

Paris agreement

What were the datasets and metrics involved in the agreement? (Te)

Selling Sustainability

Measuring market demand; surveying/devising market incentives for adoption of sustainable technologies and practices (renovation, electric vehicles, etc.)
What would be blocking adoption if there were no public incentives? (Culture, financing, momentum, ...?)
Group Members: Josh

Systemic Change

Garbage problem

How do different cities manage garbage? (Te)
Group member: Te, Ruowen, David, Adam

Sustainable community

How to build sustainable practices in poor community? (Te)
Group members: Travis

Transportation system

How to build on our current transportation system for future growth? (Te)

Understanding of system

Relationship between social system and ecological system

Please add some ideas

The scaling & essence of city

How do we better manage the city growth? (Te)

Social value

Please add some ideas

Case Studies

Retrofitting Reevesland

A plan to do a deep energy retrofit a county-owned (but currently derelict) historic building, including financing, incentives, uses, etc.
Reevesland in Arlington, VA
Group: Darin, Josh

Sustainability Plan for SFI

A prioritized laundry list of suggestions for SFI to improve their organizational sustainability
Group: Darin

Here's the picture for all the ideas we got today