Emma Wolinsky

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Complexity And Modeling Program

Emma Wolinsky is the type of girl who writes about herself in third person on her CAMP wiki page. Coming from little programming experience, Emma looks forward to everything CAMP has to offer. She programmed with her dad in Python at a young age, and in StarLogo through Project GUTS in 8th grade. Emma is currently the designated blogger during her time at the program, and uploads a new post each evening. This is her first time blogging, as well as working with NetLogo.


Emma Wolinsky has lived her entire life in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and will be starting her Junior year at Monte Del Sol Charter School in the autumn of 2011. She spends her time outside of school playing piano, roller skating, and memorizing needless things. Emma has a love of rock 'n roll and dark humor.


During her time in London, Emma lived with a meteorologist mentor and acquired a vast knowledge of weather patterns. When she left to wander Europe, she ended up traveling with a bunch of Roma across Romania. She learned gypsy magic, and then returned to her home in the States and worked a corner shop specializing in dark magic. During long years of perfecting her trade, Emma was able to use her skills predicting weather and her knowledge of magic to foresee the future. As this new skill increased, Emma looked deeper and deeper into the future. After seeing nothing but darkness and falling into a pit of cynicism, Emma gave up her career and instead became a frighteningly-accurate weather woman.

-EmmaW 23:45, 13 July 2011 (UTC)