Eduardo Ezequiel Ferrero

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Hi Everyone!

I'm a physics PhD student at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina. Most of my work up to now is based on Monte Carlo simulations in out-of-equilibrium magnetic systems. I've been working mainly in the q-states Potts model which is a paradigm in the study of first order phase transition and ordering processes in regular lattice spin systems. I'm also working in a 2D Heisenberg model with local anisotropies to understand it's relaxational dynamics, like the movement of a domain wall that can get pinned, the occurrence of nucleation of the stable phase, etc. Besides the work that we've in progress, I'm now attempting to learn about general theoretical issues, mainly those related to out-of equilibrium dynamics phenomena in complex systems, in that sense I found the topics of the school of full interest.

In the future I'd like to work in biological and/or social networks, I think many of you could provide me some background and advices as to do some interdisciplinary research in this area in the near future.

I know Bariloche quite well. I have some friends and family living in that (really) beautiful place.

I enjoy listening to music, playing the guitar and singing with friends. I also like to play football and then have some good beers, of course!

I think we already know each other with some of the Uruguayan guys from a School at Mar del Plata in 2006. Don't we?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meet you all in Bariloche!