Edgar Valdés

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Edgar is Business Technology Consultant and Physicist with over 15 years of experience as a software architect in automotive, chemical, government and retail sectors in Costa Rica, México and The Netherlands. Edgar holds a master’s degree on theoretical physics and studies in high energy physics and astronomy. He is currently studying complex networks modeling and the use of scale theories for Internet of things and Big Data with special interest in megalopolis interaction models.

Edgar has developed industry solutions based on innovative business practices. Nowadays he is integrating hyper-connectivity, big data, cloud computing and supercomputing into industry digital transformation. During his consultancy career, Edgar has participated in more than 10 ERP implementation. It’s other frame of work relies on consultancy for critical process developing complete software solutions and products following critical business operations.

In software development, Edgar has worked with a mix of business and specialized programing languages such as: ABAP, RUBY, C++ and Python as well with different set of web and platform technologies such as Google, Facebook or Amazon. This mix of knowledge made possible from him to the use of multiple features into business processes.

As a physicist, Edgar participates in international groups developing projects and seminars of sustainable cities development.