Diego Bravo

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Hello everyone,

My name is Diego Bravo and I am currently working (or rather not working...) on my Master's Degree Thesis on Complex Systems at Balseiro Institute, Bariloche, Argentina. My reserch is mainly about learning rules in neural systems and their effects in variability in signal transmission and stochastic resonance.

I like to think of me as a social person, and in many ways a kidult who refuses to let go all of those simple pleasures that give life meaning. I enjoy good literature, music and, of course, Mamuschka’s amazing chocolate coated plums filled with milk jam. You don’t want to miss those treats when you visit Bariloche.

I must warn you, however, I tend to forget all that useless information such as my middle name or, even, my birthday. Luckily, I don’t easily let go of funny anecdotes.

I am greatly looking forward to meet you. See you soon,