David Sammeth

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As a chemistry professor at New Mexico Highlands University,I have enjoyed New Mexico for a number of years, the last five of which I have spent in Santa Fe. Originally from Seattle, I did my undergraduate work at the University of Puget Sound.

The focus of my doctoral work at Montana State University was on spectroscopic studies of the amino acid tryptophan. This led to postdoctoral studies at the at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Where, working in conjunction with the Harvard Medical School, I focused on the application of spectroscopy for the study and treatment of of heart disease and cancer, and with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, spectroscopic measurements of O2 and CO2 concentrations at thermal vents lying on the ocean floor. Such research opened my eyes to the research possibilities that exist when traditional disciplinary boundaries are crossed.

Currently, I study bacteriorhodopsin as model system to investigate macular degeneration, and novel compounds for use in photodynamic therapy. My newest research interest is the optically dating of sediments and certain archaeological materials.

For recreation, I generally like anything that takes me outdoors. In particular, cycling, skiing, and climbing. This helps me with my other great love, food.