David Rojas

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Hi all! Sorry for this late entry. I recently received my BS in applied math and now work at NASA Langley research center in Hampton Virginia. I do wake vortex research on NASA's aeronautics side. I help develop models for wake vortex dissipation and do safety and risk anaylsis that will, hopefully, exact change in FAA policy on aircraft spacing. My current research has little, if nothing, to do with complex systems as we use traditional methods of analytical modeling and solving of PDEs. I was exposed to complex systems about a year ago and have since been immersing myself in the literature and writing code to perform small experiments that involve evolution of networks. (mostly in Netlogo and MATLAB) I am currently investigating network evolution using a systems dynamics model as a basis. I havent had any formal training in complex systems but have played around with GAs, neural nets and agent-based methods. I love studying languages and hope to later work in a linguistic- related area. I am enthralled by the many research areas, interests and countries that will represented at SFI this summer. I have enjoyed reading the bio sketches and look forward to meeting you. See you in a couple of days!