Dave Feldman

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David P. Feldman

I have been a faculty member in physics and mathematics at the College of the Atlantic since 1998. There I teach a wide range of math and physics classes. I was a student at the Santa Fe CSSS in 1996 and I have had the pleasure of being on the faculty of the Complex Systems Summer School since 2004, our first year in China. Since 2006 I have served as co-director the CSSS with Dr. Xiaosong Chen of the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Beijing.

My background is in theoretical physics and my main line of research has been refining and applying various measures of complexity to dynamical systems and model statistical mechanical systems. My most recent work in this area is a survey of complexity-entropy relationships for a wide range of different model systems. I am also very interested in the teaching of dynamical systems and complex systems. I am currently finishing up an introductory, algebra based textbook on chaos and fractals. The text will be published by Oxford University Press.

I have not done much work in complex networks, although I did teach a class on networks last fall. I also supervised two undergraduate projects, both of which involved applying community detection algorithms. I am fascinated the possibilities of analyzing large network data sets. In my optimistic moments I think they provide the potential to provide empirical insight into how people group and sort themselves and how people engage in economic and strategic interactions. Other times I wonder if network analysis will be able to tell us anything we didn't already know. I'm excited to learn more about the applications of networks during the workshop. I also look forward to learning about urban dynamics. I grew up in New York City and have been a frequent visitor to Beijing, and I love the energy and excitement and diversity of big cities. I don't know much about the science of cities, but I'm eager to learn

Much more (too much) information about me can be found on my web page. I'm also on a bunch of social networking sites and stuff, which you should be able to find with a little searching.