Christopher Revell

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016


Christopher Revell, University of Cambridge - Cambridge UK

I am a PhD candidate in biological physics at the University of Cambridge. I studied physics at the University of Cambridge for my BA and MSci, specialising in biological and soft systems in later years. At school I was always a biologist, but before starting university I became frustrated with the manner in which biology seemed to be done, and so switched to physics at the last moment.

Since then, having discovered biological physics, I have seen how the methods and reasoning that appealed to me in physics can be applied to the biological systems that fascinated me in school. This led me to my current PhD project, modelling tissue self-organisation in the early mammalian embryo. After my PhD, I hope to continue researching complex biological systems in whatever form this may take, and hope that the Complex Systems Summer School will help me on this path, as I learn new techniques and draw greater perspective from new fields, topics and people.

Outside of my research, I am a serious rower, competing mostly in the single scull with significant results on a national and international level. I also love building, fixing and riding bikes, am passionate about good coffee (I really hope there are some good espresso bars in Santa Fe), and have a long-held love of birdwatching.