Cellular Automata

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A tutorial on Cellular Automata (CAs) was a requested tutorial (not sure by whom).

It doesn't look like CAs will be covered in any of the modules, so I'm happy to do a tutorial on them. I will check this with Dan before scheduling.

Am currently thinking of the following format:

  1. Micro-mechanics of CAs (how they work)
  2. Example tools to run them
  3. Looking at several interesting CAs
  4. Emergent structure in CAs
  5. Computation in CAs

Please add requests if I've missed an important topic. Happy to co-facilitate if anyone else is interested in doing so. In any case, I think it would be best run informally, so you can add your expertise without formally facilitating.

As a follow-up, I'll put up a suggested tutorial on my work on local information dynamics (i.e. computation) in complex systems, for which CAs are used as example complex systems.


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Will L
Alex Healing

Aaron Frank
Nathan Menke



Cool, that looks like critical mass.

I'm going to suggest Wednesday June 13, 9 am. I'll add it to the schedule. Complain below if that's not good and if there are a few it's not good for we'll see if we can move it.