Carolyn Snyder

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Hi all! I just finished my first year of a PhD program at Stanford University in their Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources. I am interested in better understanding and estimating the uncertainty in global climate change predictions. Moreover, I also am interested in how to effectively represent and communicate those uncertainties to the public, as well as how to inspire action on this important issue. My undergraduate education was in the natural sciences (Biology and Geology), and I completed Master’s work in Quaternary Science (focusing on Paleoclimatology) and in Environmental Change and Management (focusing on Sustainable Business and Public Communication). I look forward to meeting you all soon!

My thoughts on Dr. Feldman's questions:

1. I have experience in a variety of natural sciences relating to global ecology and earth history. I also have experience in organizational theory, public communication, and sustainable business.

2. I want to be learn better how to apply the perspective, insights, and tools of complex systems to major problems related to climate change (in analyses of the climate system, of the human system, and especially relating to the coupled human-natural system).

3. Yes, most of my research is highly interdisciplinary, incorporating different natural sciences, engineering, statistics, psychology, and communication sciences.

4. I would be interested in several different types projects, including the following topics: climate prediction, historical data interpretation, scenario development (economic, population, energy, and other human development), probabilistic and risk analysis, public communication campaigns, behvaviour change, and sustainable business.

5. Three questions for researchers: 1. What is the most important finding that has been made in the past 100yrs? 2. How bad is climate change, and what has finally made us significantly act (if at all)? 3. Has any strategy/treatment/vaccine finally controlled AIDS?