Anthony McInnis

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Hi All

I am a fourth year PhD student at the University of Vermont in the Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources. My offices are at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. I'm originally from Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. I work in the ecological design and ecological engineering of systems to treat wastes. Basically I design and test systems based on a marriage between engineering and biology to perform specific tasks - in the case of my PhD work, remediation of organics contaminants (surfactants) in a mining waste product. I am hoping to recover the mineral tailings after treatment and make useful environmental or commercial products. My PhD advisor is Dr. John Todd. I am also working on a few projects involving the design of systems and development of algae biofuels (using wastes as feedstocks as well as a few other crazy ideas...), and would love to get involved in CELSS research as a teaching tool/exercise in thought.

I did my M.Sc at Schumacher College in Holistic Science under Professor Brian Goodwin & Stephan Harding. I met my current advisor while he was teaching a short course in Ecological Design at the college. My B.Sc is from the University of Manitoba in Science (Environmental Tox).

I've worked for Industry (Ni, Cu & PGM mining: Inco limited, now Vale Inco) and Government (Environment Canada - at CFS Alert; and Indian & Northern Affairs Canada in Yellowknife, NWT).