Andrew Tinka

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I'm a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley. My main research project is multivehicle control for the Floating Sensor Network, a fleet of robotic water quality sensors used in rivers and estuaries.

Skills with which the bills are paid

  • C programming for embedded and small environments
  • Python when the processor is big and has more memory than a goldfish
  • Electronics design, mostly digital systems, some analog stuff like signal conditioning; focused mainly on system integration and PCB-level design
  • LaTeX


  • Control theory
  • Optimization
  • PDEs: mostly hydrodynamics, but also the HJB equations for optimal control


  • Frameworks for analysis, design, and control of large ensembles of primitive but designed agents
  • The consequences of realistic communication constraints on the design of algorithms for fleets of agents
  • The relationship between data gathering/assimilation objectives and control/guidance objectives

For fun

I'm hoping to do some hiking, and explore Santa Fe and nearby communities.