Andrew Noble

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Kayaking through a lock on the canal running through Seneca Falls, NY.

Hey everybody. I'm certainly looking forward to meeting all of you. CSSS sounds like an exciting opportunity for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

After completing my doctorate in particle physics, I started postdocing in ecology. It's fun to leave reductionism behind and embrace complexity. I expect CSSS will provide a broad overview of approaches to complex systems across the disciplines. I hope to leave with a toolbox of modeling techniques relevant to ecology.

Project ideas: I would like to continue some research on applications of "sloppy modeling" (Brown and Sethna, 2003) to food webs. I also have an interest in the possibility of adapting lattice models from statistical mechanics to macroecology (Volkov, Banavar, and Maritan, 2004).

I am currently a postdoc in Tim Keitt's lab at UT. In August, I'll move to Bill Fagan's lab at UMD.

Feel free to contact me, andrewenoble at Click here for my website.