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My name is Amitabh Trehan. It's not too difficult to pronounce if you do not try to pronounce the final h of my first name, which many here (in the US) do try - the result is amusing and interesting. Wish I could use phonetic characters here. Anyway, bh is a single character in Hindi, a voiced consonant (if I have the term right) i.e. you should feel the air coming out of your lips when you pronounce it. So, my name could be pronounced as a-mi-taa-bha trai-ha-na where aa stands for a long a, and by the rules of phonetics and physics, sound happens only when a vowel occurs!

Now, the rest: I am working towards a PhD in Computer Science at the University of New Mexico.

My current research is towards developing self-healing algorithms for reconfigurable networks. Reconfigurable networks are networks in which we can add links when needed such as peer-to-peer networks. My advisor Prof. Saia Jared Saia and I are attempting to develop algorithms for efficient reconnections (in terms of some invariants and resource costs) in such networks under attack. We are looking for (and finding) interesting connections in other areas such as electrical circuits and many biological/ecological systems.

Recently, I have also been interested in populations dynamics modelling using coupled differential equations, a project from a NonLinear Dynamics course I took this semester.

I hope to extend these projects during the summer school with the help of enthusiastic experts :)

Otherwise, I am interested in learning about almost everyting around (unless the maths is too complicated!) me and also things in outer space (cosmology). I have an undergraduate degree in Biology. I dabbled a bit in phonetics (and multilingual typesetting (LaTeX), computer codes) too, which formed the subject for my M.Tech. thesis.

Fun activities:

Photography: I am a member of ELCC [1] and managed to get some images onto the competition prize winners gallery Competition Gallery.

Writing and Poetry: There are some samples on my website, have been inactive lately.

Sports: I love Tennis, and Cricket. Game for most other sports and outdoor activities! The forest areas around SantaFe and Los Alamos (the Jemez Springs area) make for great outings.

Meditation/Yoga: hmmm, I give myself a fifteen minute dose of Praanayaama and Sudershan Kriya Sudershan Kriya.

--Amitabh 19:30, 20 May 2007 (MDT)

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