Alessandro Gagliardi

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Alessandro is a graduate student in the Integrative Neuroscience Program and works in the Rutgers University Mind Brain Analysis (RUMBA) Lab under Stephen Hanson.

Research interests include computational modeling and implicit vs. explicit problem solving.

He received his BA in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz and has worked in the labs of Gary Marcus and Mark Gluck.

Regarding questions asked:

1) Alessandro is an experienced programmer with a strong background in Neuroscience. His favorite programming language is OCaml, though he's been enjoying Python recently as well.

2) He wants to learn more about dynamical systems and how to apply that understanding to Neuroscience.

3) His current project, involved in insight problem solving, does not have any obvious interdisciplinary tie-ins, but he is open to new projects and collaborations.

4) Alessandro has no idea what kind of project he'd like to attack this summer. Perhaps he might learn something about Ecology and try to tie it into an understanding of brain networks.

5) His favorite "big problem" is understanding what consciousness is and what it means to be in an altered state of consciousness. His current "big problem" is understanding what insight is, which is proving to be almost as impossible.

6) Looking forward 100 years, the first thing that comes to Alessandro's mind is a wondering where we are with quantum computing, nano technology, and artificial intelligence (which are all connected).

Alessandro feels very odd writing about himself in the third person.