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Complex Systems Summer School 2013


I've put in all that one's I can remember at the moment, but I'm sure I've forgotten some.

Day One - "If you were the captain of a pirate ship what would it be called?"

The Slice of Life

The unknown

The Wily Widow

The Sleepy Dragon

The salty $#@^ (censored for the sake of wiki)

Pink unicorn.

Day Two - "Which is better, Lightning or Toasters?"

Lightning 4 votes

Toaster 2 vote

Day Three - "If you had a single word tattooed to your forehead, what would it be, and which font would you use?




Helvetica (in Ariel)

Looser (Walt Disney script)

Day four - which is the greater virtue- Courage or Wisdom

So far:

7ish votes Courage

7ish votes Wisdom +1

Day five- if you had to explain the summer school to a classroom of primary [elementary] school students, what would you say?

"It's like an art class that never ends"

"Nerd camp"

"Phase space camp"

"Camp space phase"

Day six - If you found a bottle containing a self fulfilling prophecy, would you open it? (e.g. opening the bottle significantly increases the likelihood of the specified event occurring)

Roughly even on this one. Roughly 1/3rd yes, 1/3rd no and 1/3rd degenerating into discussions of quantum physics and determinism.

Day seven - If you could have one Super weakness, and one corresponding superpower of equivelent magnitude, what pair would you pick?

Okay- so, this is the list of powers I can remember, I apologies if I've forgotten yours:
The ability to freeze time but you age very quickly.
You can read minds, but can't filter out noises.
You can communicate with all non-human animals, but not with humans.
You know everything, but you have to stay in one location.
You can hold your breath indefinitely, but catch fire when underwater.
You fall in love, but never become attached.
Whenever I try to stay quiet my velocity diverges and vice-versa

If anyone else wants to add to this list, please do, I'm sure I've forgotten several.

Day Eight - If you could be re-incarnated as some other animal, which would you choose?

Sea turtle
Hive of Bees

Day Nine - What do you think the world will be like in 20 years?

The primary currency will be hugs
People will be hopefully be colonising mars.

Day Ten- Damn, I think I must have lost count and missed a day. :-(

Day Eleven- Compare the net results (constructive/destructive effects) of self interest? How do these compare to the effects of Idealism?

I'm not even going to try to write down the comments here.

Day Twelve- If you could have a theme song that played as you entered the room, what song would it be?

Flight of the Valkyrie
Eye of the Tiger
The Imperial March
The Final Countdown

Day Thirteen- You are at a restaurant that serves abstracts concepts- Justice flavoured pie, transcendental ice cream and curry that tastes like turquoise. You may purchase one dish. What do you buy?

Sweet ice cold revenge
Honey soaked oblivion
What? I wouldn't but anything
A glass of water
Fractal Fries

Day fourteen- If you could have brilliant intuition about any one thing (either an academic subject or otherwise) what would you choose?

That's it, I give up, questions are no longer assigned to days, now they are just random.

Which do you prefer, the sound of the sea or the colour yellow?

If you were a lecturer at the university of doom, training the villians of tomorrow, what subject would you teach?

What is your happiest childhood memory?

Do the means justify the ends or the ends justify the means?

'What is your ultimate lifestyle/ future place?

Of this world there are five good things, Truth, Honour, Passion, Mercy and Hope. Pick one.

What do you most like about yourself?

If you could combine any two genres (opera / tabletop RPG, Film noir + punk rock), what genres would you combine?

If you could combine any two anything, what would you combine?

If humanity was put on trial (by aliens, god, computers, whatever) and you were called as a witness, what would you say?

What is your favourite book?