Agencies Newsletter January 2010

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Then the new Google Bulletin sent to the agencies.

Now back to reinvent the GAP exam with new "Comic" for agencies, but they will continue to manage the clients themselves through their Customer Service Center, which as seen and heard by some new clients leaves much to be desired.

Another issue is that broad coupons available which expires on December 31, 2009 to March 31, 2010. Nice gesture from Google ... although the March 31 will draw other coupons as they always have.

They are giving "kick" lately advertising in YouTube videos with coupons and seminars. Apparently they want to promote this channel.

Analytics, AdPlanner .... Anyway, as usual, new features, some interesting and some not so. AdWords New Google Certified Partner Program

This week launches a new review of Google Certified Partner Program so that it can request coupons for you and your team you may be the first to overcome this test. Each coupon allows you to introduce both the Foundation exam on basic concepts of advertising and the new public examination in the network of advanced search. The coupons do not expire and is for a try. To help you prepare and pass the examination, has been updated online learning center with more comprehensive and detailed content, including the latest issues and management practices for searches. You have all the information and agenda on this link. Credits Google Advertising Professional (GAP)

If you still have 75 euros coupons whose expiration date was December 31, even available until March 31 because we have extended its duration. YouTube Coupon YouTube

We have a limited number of free codes worth 50 euros for those clients who believe a campaign Promoted Videos on YouTube. How to get the code? Once you've created your campaign Promoted Videos, contact your account manager to verify the campaign and will apply the promotional credit. Seminars Maximize your advertising on YouTube

On Thursday January 21 (tomorrow) we have organized an online seminar exclusively for a limited number of agencies and advertisers. The focus, from a practical standpoint, how to create ads and campaigns for different types of advertising on YouTube through the Google AdWords account. If you are interested, you can register at the following link:

Game Changer DNA Review Product News Analytics More features

As you know, we launched several new features to Analytics. Here is a brief summary of them:

   * Annotations: Annotation allows any user with access to Google Analytics profile private or shared leave notes in the temporal graph. The notes will complement existing anomaly detection.
   * New Setup Wizard - When you create a profile now, you'll see a new setup wizard code tracking Google Analytics. The wizard automatically generates the appropriate follow-up depending on the settings you specified.
   Segments custom variables - Users can now create an advanced segment, based on a key, value, and the combination key value of all the custom variables, and view it in all its reports. Watch Game Changer DNA Review Video. 
   * Customized reports with custom variables - can also create custom reports with any of the dimensions.
   * Google Analytics API v2 - This week we will announce new features for Google Analytics API. The updates include support for Advanced Segmentation and new statistics. For a full update, including videos and screenshots, please visit the Google Analytics blog.

Ad Planner and Doubleclick Integration

Google Ad Planner is now integrated with DoubleClick DART platform (DFA).

If you're an DFA6, you can access Google Analytics AdPlanner and DFA on the same interface DFA6. With this you can:

   * Plan, execute, measure and optiizar your campaigns on the same site.
   * Organize your media plans Ad Planner DFA6 your account.
   * Share and work together on media plans on both platforms.
   * Access Ad Planner with your username and password DFA6.
   * Game Changer DNA Review