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ARCS 2006 is the fifth meeting of a workshop designed to bring together senior industrial researchers, policy makers and leading academics in the area of adaptive approaches to computer security. The format of the meeting is two days of presentations and discussions. It is sponsored by the Santa Fe Institute, BT Group and the British Computer Society.

We are seeking high quality presentations that can educate and stimulate discussion. In order to attend, please submit a 4 page paper to the Program Chair. The topic areas of relevance are broadly in adaptive and biologically inspired approaches to all aspects of computer security:

• Worm and virus containment
• Anti-virus & Anti-spyware
• Denial of service protection
• Effects of diversity & Immunological approaches
• Topological effects in computer networks
• Machine learning and defence strategies
• Design of self-healing networks
• Alternative models – economic, predator/prey etc.

* Paper deadline: 31st August 2006 *

Program Committee

Chair, Dr. Robert Ghanea-Hercock, BT labs. Email:

Dave Rossetti, Vice President of Cisco Systems IP Internet Services
Dr Sanjay Goel, University of Albany
Dr Fabrice Saffre, BT Labs
Dr Hong Li, Intel
Dr Miranda Mowbray, HP Labs UK