"By what metric do we measure human worth?"

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Complex Systems Summer School 2013

Is a persons value based on their past or future actions?

Is it better to judge based on consequence or intention?

What qualities do you believe are most worthy of respect?

What type of person makes you happy?

What personality traits stirs your interest, your curiosity?

How do you choose your friends?

David: Pfft, that's easy. You just sum their marginal utility. Topic over! </economist>

Kevin: Sadly it's typically measured by gross income?

Mengsen: how much I like the person + how much I hate the person.

Bapu: Present ideally, but in reality...past and future weighted in both directions by discount rate? Intention*.51 + Consequence*.49? Kindness.

Brady: There are lots of questions here! The main question implies how it currently works, so I agree with Kevin. Sad but true that society usually looks at money and/or how much that person affects society positively or negatively. Ideally though, I would say measure worth based on past actions and future intentions.

Nix: Number of teeth not yet harvested by my dental drones.

Andrea: I agree with kevin and brady on the current way of evaluating people. How to measure? Maybe, their moral integrity: if they stick to what they say and promise or do the opposite (as italian politicians ;-)