Zefferman Workshop 2019

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Complex Systems Summer School 2019

Signup page for Matt Zefferman's workshop!

How do researchers reason through the steps of making evolutionary models? Here is your chance to try. On Monday Matt Zefferman will introduce evolutionary game theory and on Wednesday Liz Hobson will describe her empirical work on hierarchy and parakeet aggression. However, there currently isn't a theory about what hierarchical aggression strategies we should expect to evolve under different conditions. Matt and Liz have been thinking about modeling this and thought it would be a useful example for CSSS students interested in walking through the modeling process. When canonical models are presented in papers, coursework or textbooks there is often little information about how the sausage was made. Much like sausage-making - model-making is often not pretty. But hopefully you get delicious sausage at the end of the process. Also, like sausage-making most modeling is done in private. This will be Liz and Matt's first attempt to try it in public. The effort might fail spectacularly (this often happens more often than not), but going through the process can still be useful.

Limited to 20 spots, so we're going to run a lotto to decide seats. If you're interested, sign up here!

  1. JP
  2. Pam Mantri
  3. Henri
  4. Arta
  5. Elissa
  6. Levi
  7. Alex
  8. Emily Coco
  9. Gen
  10. Dries
  11. Andrew Gillreath-Brown
  12. Harun
  13. Mackenzie
  14. Jessica Brumley
  15. Ritwika
  16. Erwin
  17. Mark Chu
  18. Mikaela
  19. Ian
  20. Fabian
  21. Toni
  22. Adam
  23. Kyle
  24. Jessica Lee
  25. Pablo M. Flores
  26. Jack Shaw
  27. Chris B-J
  28. Shihui
  29. Aabir
  30. Marjorie Ylisiurua
  31. Dan K
  32. Yuka Suzuki
  33. Jordi Piñero
  34. Dakota Murray
  35. April Kleppe
  36. Pablo Franco