ZHANG Jiayin

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Hi, I'm Jiayin, and now I study Economic Sociology in Dept. Sociology, Tsinghua University. My interested fields include Organization & Behavior and Strategy. The methods I usually use are social network analysis, statistics and computer simulation.

I have writed some Java programs to simulate the employees' interaction in an organization, through which I investigate how distribution of work(workload and variance) and organization climate influence the social network structure. Now I attempt to move the analysis unit from individual to organization, and to explore the network dynamics of enterprise in a field. I believe there are lots of fascinating topics--such as strategic alliance, innovation and knowledge diffusion.

I studied Computer Science in undergraduate school and I keep to collaborate with students from CS dept., because we face many similar topics,for example, small-world network and scale-free network are important network structures in both social netowrk and information network. And I think the evolution of a specific industry, pushed by fierce comprtitions, is somewhat similar to the evolution of natural species, for example, they may have similar evolution patterns under some external pressure. I believe CSSS is an excellent chance for us to exchange our ideas and I can't wait to see U ALL~~