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[[Giovanni Petri]] <br/>
[[Giovanni Petri]] <br/>
[[Griffith Rees]] <br/>
[[Griffith Rees]] <br/>
[[Jonathan Cannon]] <br/>

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Leif Karlstrom
Tracey McDole
Yixian Song
Gavin Fay
Giovanni Petri
Griffith Rees
Jonathan Cannon
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Non-uniform data is ubiquitous, and we are often interested in inferring network topology and dynamics, or predicting future behavior based on limited spatiotemporal information. This group will implement some nonlinear (as well as linear) timeseries analysis tools in a variety of settings:

1. Spatial correlations in volcanic eruption (quasi)periodicity/chaos(?) in the Western US

2. Geyser eruptions at Old Faithful geyser in Calistoga, CA

3. Adoption rates distributed across the US

4. Catch rates of fish

5. Timing of influenza epidemic peaks

Others TBA