Vessela Daskalova

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I am in the second year of my PhD at the Department of Economics at Queen Mary, University of London.


Main Interests

I am working on an economic model of categorization. Assuming that people categorize, I want to show when it is good for an individual to use a few coarse categories in order to make decisions and when it is good for her to use many fine categories. My other research interests include investigating group formation in society and the emergence of beliefs (stereotypes) regarding these groups.


I have an economics background with focus on decision-making and game theory, obtained during my studies at the Universities of Goettingen and Munich in Germany, at the Universidad Europea de Madrid in Spain, and at Queen Mary, University of London.

Hopes for CSSS

I hope to learn new theories and tools and to hear more about fields as distant as possible from mine.

Project Ideas

I am generally interested in any project, which looks at something that emerges from the interaction among people in society (for example, formation of preferences). I also like financial markets topics, as I worked in the financial sector for a short time before starting my PhD. But most of all, I would be willing to do something completely new to me and to try to draw parallels between different fields.