Vessela Daskalova

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I am in the second year of my PhD at the Department of Economics at Queen Mary, University of London.


Main Interests

I am working on an economic model of categorization. Assuming that people categorize, I want to show when it is good for an individual to use a few coarse categories in order to make decisions and when it is good for her to use many fine categories. I am also interested in investigating group formation in society and the emergence of beliefs (stereotypes) regarding these groups.


I have an economics background with focus on decision-making and game theory, obtained during my studies at the Universities of Goettingen and Munich in Germany and at the Universidad Europea de Madrid in Spain.

Hopes for CSSS

I hope to learn new theories and tools and to hear more about fields as distant as possible from mine.

Project Ideas

I am generally interested in any project which looks at something that emerges from the interaction among people in society (for example, formation of preferences). I also like financial markets topics, since I worked in finance for a short time before becoming a PhD student. But most of all, I would be willing to do something completely new to me and to try to draw parallels between different fields.