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=== Bio ===
=== Bio ===

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Hi, I am Giovanni Ciampaglia, and I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at University of Lugano, Switzerland. I am a member of a small and young (5 years old) research group called MACS Lab (Modelling and Application of Complex Systems Lab), mostly focused on models of urban systems and traffic models. I earned a master degree in CS from University of Rome "La Sapienza" and in my master thesis I used cellular automata and multi-agent systems to develop a model of the city of Rome (that's where I'm from, actually).

Research Interests

I am currently interested in modeling Wikipedia and the dynamics of its community of users, in order to understand what are the key policies that help to sustain collaboration and other social norms that Wikipedians have embraced. I am also interested in causal modeling but mostly I would like to learn more the Physics of complex systems and its connections to Computer Science, AI & Statistics, and all that.


I like reading books, bicycling, photography and listening to music. I am very excited about attending the CSSS and visiting Santa Fe! See you there!